People love to eat together !!

There may be nothing more social in the world than food..

 For some of us, eating great food is a big priority in life. But when one is talking about a visit to Italy food will probably be one of the things you will be most excited about.   The truth is that you can  find excellent food throughout Italy but, even in this culinary heaven, there are destinations that are particularly famous among foodie travelers.  If you’d like to really send your tastebuds into orbit, you’ll include Puglia on your next trip to Italy. This is our best selling 5 hours day or evening cooking experience from 135 Euros pp, 3 hours to cook and 2 hours to enjoy what we have prepared.

A 3 hour class, where attendees work together to prepare a pre-agreed three-course meal for the group

  • Upon arrival at Cookery School, attendees are welcomed with a glass of fizz and nibbles
  • The whole group sits down at linen-clad tables in a restaurant-style setting to enjoy the meal they have prepared themselves, served by Cookery School staff, with a selection of award winning Apulian wines....

Half day Cooking course menu:

Starters: Selection of cold cuts including capocollo from Martina Franca. Freshly made mozzarelle, ricotta and burratine. Seasoned local cheese. Fried zucchini flowers filled with fresh ricotta cheese. Green and red peppers marinated with olive oil and mint. Cucumber, fennel and orange salad with olives and walnuts. Whole-wheat focaccia.

First Dish: Home made fresh pasta with tomato, pecorino cheese, parsley and garlic. Fava (broad) beans pure' with chicory, green peppers, sweet onions, olives and aubergines.

Second Dish: Layered eggplant parmesan with zucchini, mozzarella, prosciutto and cherry tomatoes of Torre Guaceto. Meat balls with fresh tomato sauce (veal and or vegetarian).

Dessert: Crostata or Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese layered between coffee and Amaro. First we will prepare tiramisu, layering liqueur soaked biscuits and mascarpone cheese and decorating with flaked chocolate. Then we continue with the preparation of the tomato sauce, slow cooked to enhance and sweeten the flavour.

Learning to make traditional handmade pasta, orecchiette, is one of the highlights of the day; its unique shape (like little ears) and the combining of Apulian wheat flour and semolina, produces little domes of heaven. Our pasta preparation will be enhanced with olives, focaccia, taralli and a glass of prosecco! Next we prepare the “pastella”, for the medley of fried vegetables.

The vegetable pieces are rolled in flour, then dipped in a mixture of eggs beaten with finely chopped parsley, salt, pepper and just a bit of grated pecorino cheese and then steeped in hot olive oil. 

We will then make another speciality, delicious eggplant parmesan (parmigiana di melanzane) using the sweet tomato sauce that has been cooking for about an hour, and delicious local ingredients. While preparing the eggplants we will start to fry the zucchini flowers filled with locally produced, ricotta and enjoy tasting them while they are hot from the pan.

Time to relax, sit down at linen covered tables for our restaurant style four-course meal and award winning wines. 

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